Monday, November 16, 2009

Student Watercolors

While I was setting up in the morning a student walked in to show me three watercolors he did over the weekend. He spread them out on the table and began to tell me all about what he had done. Jacob, a 5th grader from Mrs. Sickler's class, shared with me that he went up north to visit his grandma in Norwood near Charlevoix. He told me about the process involved in creating these pieces and how he would look at pictures or outside and analyze what he was painting. I was very excited to hear Jacob's passion for watercolor and asked him if he liked creating art like this. He said "yes, because it's a great way to express your mind. I love to paint these scenes because it's a way to remember what it's like up there". Thanks to Jacob bringing in his paintings, my week got off to a great start!

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