Wednesday, April 16, 2014

5th Grade Perspective Drawing

One of the most exciting things for me as an Art teacher is to see students create outside of school. Especially when they exercise a technique that we study in class. That's exactly what happened when Brenna Crawford brought in her one-point perspective drawing to me this morning.

We've been studying perspective drawing for about 5 days now and I am very happy to see all the students taking interest in this technique. Brenna has a strong understanding of the tools and techniques used in the process.  Once she shared her drawing with me I just had to post it on the blog. I even asked her to explain her thought process to go along with the post. Please see what she has to say down below.

1. Describe how you constructed your drawing/room.
First I just followed directions from Mr. McCown at home, that's what got me started but then I started using my imagination, and I looked on line for inspiration, but nothing spoke to me. So I only used my imagination and that got me in the zone.

2. Explain how you came up with the items, details, and ideas to fill your room. 
Well, after failing to get inspiration from the internet, I looked around my house, I looked in my living room, that's where I got the couch idea. I also saw my fire place and then I remembered that at school my friend Isabella and I made a fire place, so I made a fire place and couch. Also, the picture on the ceiling, actually the picture came to me when I was sleeping. My friend has a picture above her and that just seemed cool, so I used it. So that's how it got the ideas.

-Brenna Crawford - 5th Grade Heritage Art / Mrs. Widman's Class