Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Empty Bowls Update Part 2 - Woodland Meadows

Take a look at what the Woodland Meadows students created for Empty Bowls.

Students rolled out a clay slab and added texture with stamps. A foot was added using a coil shaped into a circular form.

The slab is then draped with a mold to create shape and volume. The foot is scored, slipped, and pressed onto the bottom. After the the bowl has had some time to dry and reaches the leather-hard stage, the mold is removed and the clay is set out to finish the drying process.

Each bowl must reach the bone dry stage before it can be placed into the kiln to be bisque fired. Once the bowls complete the bisque firing stage, they are glazed and then glazed fired to produce the shinny glass like finish to protect and complete the decoration.

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