Thursday, September 8, 2011

Public Art Memorial Ready For 10th Anniversary

The 9/11 memorial created for the Saline Fire Department is hanging outside the fire station on Michigan Avenue. Over the past month, the Saline Art Department, Saline Fire Department, and the Saline community worked together to create this public art piece titled, “ Holding Heroes in our Hearts – Never Forget 343”. The memorial was created to honor the 343 New York Firefighters that lost their lives
September 11, 2001.

The involvement of the Saline community is what makes this memorial so special. Community members helped create the artwork by writing the names of the 343 firefighters on the background. Children of all ages did their part by pressing their painted hands over the firefighters names. Local businesses and organizations helped out by donating time, space, and their expertise. People of all ages shared their memories, experiences, and emotions of what happened that day.

Special thanks to the following: Steve Jedele of Steve's Custom Signs, Chelsea Lumber, Saline Farmer's Market, Saline Community Fair, Cindy Larsen for hand inspiration and to many others who took time to write a name or print their hand.

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  1. Very nice way to honor the fallen fire fighters of 9/11. I have sent this on to an Air Force friend of mine that was a B-52 Crew Chief during Vietnam. After leaving the Air Force he became a NYC Police Officer and was there on 9/11.