Friday, October 14, 2011

de Kooning: a Retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art

The exhibit includes selected paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints by Willem de Kooning (American, b. the Netherlands, 1904–1997). Among these are some of the artist’s most famous, landmark paintings—including Pink Angels (c. 1945),Excavation (1950), and the celebrated third Woman series (1950–53)—plus examples from all of his most important series, ranging from his figurative paintings of the early 1940s to the breakthrough black-and-white compositions of 1948–49, and from the urban abstractions of the mid-1950s to the artist’s return to figurations in the 1960s, and the large gestural abstractions of the following decade.

As a painter, de Kooning has been a huge influence on my own personal work since graduate school. His gestural brushwork, color sense, and the scale of his canvases are most impressive. To find get more information about this exhibit, click on the moma website listed below.

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