Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Drawing by Jamie Raupp, Saline Middle School Art Student

Jamie Nicolle Raupp, a young student in 8th grade, has been taking art class for 10 years. Not only does she have pure passion for this activity, but she inspires others to feel the same way. One of her most favorite pieces of art was when she was in 7th grade, her drawing of Winston Churchill. She told me, “This man was an inspirational leader of England. He was the Prime Minister of England during World War ll.” pausing to take in her amazing poetic words, she then said, “I enjoy this piece quite much, because it shows off the roughness of lead when applied in different shades like the rough war that divided the world.”

These words touched my heart. I truly felt the meaning of her art. Not only can she draw incredibly, but she can feel her masterpiece. So the next the time my pencil touches the canvas, I will remember the internal pain she lets out on her paper creating sparks of beauty.

Written by Catherine Marchenko, 8th grade

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  1. WOW, that's really a great drawing!
    I wish I could do something of that caliber.