Thursday, February 21, 2013

Masks Around the World Clay Unit

In the 8th Grade Art classes we made clay masks of animals from different places around the world. We learned about the places that the animals came from and got to choose from the animals that live there. This was a fun project because some of us that have little experience with clay, got to be creative and learn at the same time! Along with the masks, we created stories or myths about the animals we made. Here is an example:

The Legend of Mogli

The panda's face is that of sheer terror and loneliness. Legend has it that he became completely alone at a very young age when his family abandoned him. His small pupils symbolize the loneliness that he has felt for most of his life, and his big ears show the shock and terror that he felt when he realized that the ones he loved were gone. His name is Mogli which means "brilliant" in Chinese, because while living on his own, he taught himself new things and learned from other creatures on his journeys. He would help animals that needed it, throughout his whole life. No one knows when Mogli actually died, but his spirit is said to still be traveling Asia, helping creatures, and looking for his lost family.

Written by:  8th Grade Art student from Ms. Martin's class

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