Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Love ART Night - Pleasant Ridge

The first-ever "I Love ART Night" hosted at Pleasant Ridge Elementary
on February 9th was a HUGE success! All classes had projects on
display in the halls that were created by students and the lobbies
were filled with artists for whom art is either a career or a major
part of life!

"Art Night" was the brain-child of PTA member Jeanette Brenner who
worried about the future of art due to looming budget cuts. Jeanette
approached Christine Marsh, PR art teacher, with the idea and Art
Night was born! It was quickly decided that Art Night would show how
art is an integral part of our daily lives. Showing the relationship
between art and real life were the following artists and

Architect Keith Fineberg
Mark and Sue Schalk of Two Branch Ranch Alpacas
The Great Lakes Lace Group.
Cassiana Ebert, Culinary Artist
Doug Bacon, Head of SAS Buildings and Grounds & Watercolorist
Photographer Heidi McClelland
Valerie Mann, multi media artist
Rachel Stern, Painter
Mike Brooks, Automobile Sculptor for General Motors
Janice Martin, Saline Middle School Art Teacher & Painter
Christine Marsh, Pleasant Ridge Art Teacher and mixed-metals artist

In addition to the hands-on offerings by many artists in the lobby,
there was a 68 foot long "peace flag" made by Valerie Mann with
student-designed hands. The art room was also open and the students
had many choices for make-n-take projects while being helped and
monitored by high school art club volunteers.

Thanks to all who had a part in making the first Art Night such a
wonderful event for our Pleasant Ridge families!

Christine Marsh-Leutgeb
Pleasant Ridge Art Teacher

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