Saturday, February 4, 2012

“To Bee or Not To Bee” SMS Art Student’s Community Project

At Saline Middle School, the bees have invaded! Some art students have generously taken on a project to support the Foundation for Saline Area School’s efforts to raise funds for the Literacy Strategic Grant.

The three yard signs which are in the recognizable shape of the "Saline Hornet", were painted in different styles-Matisse and Kandinsky in particular.The students selected these famous artists because of their use of color, shape, and line. You will also notice that one bee was painted in the traditional "blue and gold" Saline colors. The students would’ve made the famous artists proud ! The bees capture the artist’s styles perfectly, and the other art students like them as well. On February 11th there will be a silent auction for each of the bees. The art students that participated in the painting of the bees include:

Kyra R., Sansara D., Elaina V., Becky R. Jenna J. . Emily B. and Vic B.

Written by: Jenna Jansa, Elaina Veasey, and Becky Redfern, 8th grade

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  1. Brava! Ms. Martin, these are amazing. You and your students did a terrific job.